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Bike Lanes

Portland has some of the best bike infrastructure in the world! Our much-admired use of sharrows keeps bikers safer by directing them off major streets and away from job centers and businesses. While our protected infrastructure is in a permanent state of experimentation – Portland is never afraid to buck the trend and throw international standards out the window! Trying something novel and new and seeing what sticks is the better way to go. And our bike community is happy to be the guinea pigs for our constant experimentation!

Combined Light-Post/Bike Lane

Portland reduces overhead by adding lighting infrastructure inside of bike lanes. What a space-saver!

Seasonal Infrastructure

City Council shuts down bike infrastructure in the winter to keep bikers safe and ensure the smooth flow of freight and large corporations handmade wares built by small locally-owned businesses.

Protected Bike Lanes

Adding some old concrete planters in the middle of bike lanes protects bikers from oncoming traffic.


Conveniently-placed crossbike striping directs bikers over the curb and onto the sidewalk, where it's safer.

Combined Lanes

Downtown Portland's protected bike lanes double as wet leaf and puddle catchers in the fall.

Mixing Zones

Having bikers quickly dart across right turn lanes saves time for everyone to get from A to B.

Split Bike Lanes

Portland saves money on expensive bicycle infrastructure by only adding protective posts to half of the street.

Two-way Cycle Tracks

Portland makes use of two-way cycle tracks that route bikers directly into parked cars, forcing them to be aware of their surroundings. Plus, giving up parking lanes would anger neighbors, resulting in less bike infrastructure getting built overall, due to Portland's famous consensus-based process of involving all stakeholders. Safety, first!