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Urban Design

Portland puts people first! Cars are put in their rightful place (i.e. anywhere and everywhere) and people are given incredibly generous four-foot sidewalks to walk wherever they please, as long as it's not east of 82nd Avenue. Door zone bike lanes ensure bikers have a rightful place on the road, as long as they never have to ride into an intersection. Portland's leadership prioritizes people over cars! Our famous waterfront is delightfully car-free (except for a five lane boulevard running right next to it), while our central city has just five highways cutting though it, far less than many other cities!

Efficient Use of Space

Portland's streets were built before the invention of the automobile, so it's a marvel of modern engineering that we're able to fit four lanes of cars on such narrow roadways! More room for people!

Better Freeways

By adapting worthless waterfront land into a people-friendly fourteen lane freeway, Portland prioritizes equity by enabling quick and efficient travel into the city center from far-flung suburbs like Lake Oswego.

Loading Zones

People need to move freight, too! By allowing protected bike lanes to double as truck unloading areas, Portland doubles the functionality of our road space! Bike infrastructure is often empty, so we allow trucks to use the underutilized space while bikers can easily and confidently merge with car traffic.

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Parking on bike paths is an efficient use of limited urban space, and also helps address equity concerns.